We are a professional manufacturer that can provide you support from mold design to production and after sale.



GY is specialized in ice hockey protective products, especially for head and face protection.



As one of the earliest factories in China to get involved in the research and development of ice hockey helmets, GY has over 15 years’ experience in the production of ice hockey protective products.


Quality Assurance

With high standard production requirements, our products can meet different international standards.


Zhuhai GY Hockey Co., Ltd.

About Us

GY’s ice hockey story originated from a Russian customer. Back in 2009, Gordon Ji, founder of GY brand, posted a helmet with cage on the Internet, which aroused great interest from a Russian customer who proactively requested to order 20,000 pieces of ice hockey helmets and 20,000 pieces of ice hockey cages. After rounds of arduous negotiations, GY finally completed its first export to Russia. This successful cooperation marks an important breakthrough for GY ice hockey products in the international market.

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