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Warmly welcome Russian customers to visit GY Hockey Company


As GY Hockey Company's reputation increases globally, our ice hockey player helmets,visors and ice hockey player helmet cages have been favored and praised by many international consumers. Recently, we have received customers from Russia to visit GY Hockey Company, and they have paid great attention and recognition to our hockey products.

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Our chairman expressed a warm welcome to the Russian customers on behalf of GY Hockey Company. Accompanied by chairman and sale manager, the customer visited GY Hockey Company's exhibition hall to learn about various ice hockey products.


At the same time, professional answers were provided to customers' questions. Let customers know about our hockey products research and development, sales and future development plans.

We showed them the features of our hockey products, including the safety, stretchability and comfort of hockey player helmets. Customers have expressed great interest in this and spoke highly of our technological innovation capabilities. After the inspection, the customers expressed high satisfaction with our products and services and expressed their willingness to have more in-depth cooperation with us. They believe that GY Hockey Company's icehockey products have great potential in the global market, and cooperation will help promote the business development of both parties.


The visit of foreign customers is not only an affirmation of GY Hockey Company, but also a recognition of the quality of our products and services. We will take this opportunity to further improve our product quality and service levels to meet the needs of more customers. At the same time, we will continue to increase investment in research and development and launch more innovative hockey products to enhance our competitiveness in the market. Looking forward, the company looks forward to establishing a closer working relationship with them in future developments. We believe that through our unremitting efforts, GY's icehockey products and technologies will be more widely used around the world and bring more comfort and security to people's lives.

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