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Preview of GY Ice Hockey Helmet's New Product--GY-PH9000D-C2 Series


In November 2023, our company will be unveiling the newest addition to our line of ice hockey helmets: the GY-PH9000D-C2 series. Featuring an inner lining made of 3D-Printed Nest Tech with D3O structure, this series offers exceptional protection, breathability, and comfort.


The GY-PH9000D-C2 series boasts several key selling points:

Firstly, the inner lining fits the wearer's head shape perfectly and provides a snug fit for ultimate comfort.

Secondly, the honeycomb lining ensures optimal airflow and superior breathability, keeping the head cool and dry.

Lastly, the 3D printed lattice design minimizes the usage of non-critical materials and reduces the helmet's weight.

Moreover, the lattice contains varying densities that aid in shock absorption and impact protection, providing unbeatable defense for the wearer.


Stay tuned for the official launch of the  GY-PH9000D-C2 series in November 2023!" 

The Description of GY-PH9000D-C2

Out shell


Ear Protector and Ear Loops


Wire Cage Face Mask



3D-Printed Nest Tech with D3O structure


Slide up-down Fit clip

A3 steel

S/M# (20.8"-22.8"/530-580mm) L/XL# (22.4"-24.9"/570-640mm)

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