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Spherical Clear Secondary Cutting Hockey Visors
  • Spherical Clear Secondary Cutting Hockey VisorsSpherical Clear Secondary Cutting Hockey Visors

Spherical Clear Secondary Cutting Hockey Visors

GY, a prominent Chinese company, specializes in producing superior spherical clear secondary cutting hockey visors. Having established a remarkable legacy spanning 14 years, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional products that go above and beyond customer expectations. Our visors are celebrated for their exceptional value, unmatched quality, cutting-edge technology, and advanced equipment. The overwhelming positive feedback from satisfied customers around the globe fills us with great pride. Join us now to create a long-lasting partnership and embark on an extraordinary journey towards a thriving future.


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Product Description

The GY-HV2022-M2 spherical clear secondary cutting hockey visor is made from high-quality polycarbonate (PC), this visor is engineered to provide ultimate protection against high sticks and deflected pucks. With its outstanding impact resistance, you can trust that your eyes are safe on the ice.

But it doesn't stop there. Our spherical clear secondary cutting hockey visor boasts a crystal-clear view without any distortion, ensuring optimal visibility.

The anti-fog coating prevents moisture from obstructing your vision, allowing you to stay focused during intense gameplay.

Additionally, the anti-scratch treatment keeps your visor looking sleek and clear, even after abrasive hits.

Designed with versatility in mind, our visor is compatible with most hockey helmets available in the market. Assembly is a breeze with the included easy-assembled mounting hardware.

To make it truly personalized, we offer customized logo stickers.

Now, let's talk about our exciting new features. Our innovative spherical design sets clear shield apart from the competition, providing a unique and stylish look. It also meets the ECE optical standard, ensuring exceptional optical performance. The visor is integrally molded for superior durability, while the flawless edge and surface achieved through secondary cutting add a touch of class. We've even increased the space for better breathing, so you can stay cool and comfortable during intense games.

Join us today and experience the exceptional quality and style our visors bring to the game.

Product Specification of the GY-HV2022-M2 Spherical Clear Secondary Cutting Hockey Visors






Polycarbonate (PC)


Inside anti-fog outside anti-scratch



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